We are the radical left | berlin.
We are a group 'under construction'.

We decided to work together, because we do not agree with the world as it is. We are people with political practice of very different political tendencies, from ML to autonomous groups, from antifa to anarchism, and we've teamed up because we are united by an idea we hold on to: a different world is possible.

This is what we're fighting for, this is what we're working for.

We want to create a viable organization which names the contradictions of the capitalist system, and which gets involved into the different struggles with a clear revolutionary position. Analysis, theory and practical work will become equal aspects of our work. Together with the people affected we want to develop strategies and tactics to win these struggles. To concrete political questions we want to develop concrete answers in cooperation with others. The goal of this practice, which goes beyond temporary successes of major events, is the creation of a real counterpoise. This will show sometimes in form of mass demonstrations, campaigns, and spectacular actions, but it will only become effective through continuous work at and with the very basis of society.

We see our task in uniting different matters, and to attack the capitalist system of exploitation. We see our task in disclosing the permanent pressure of utilization of this system and to attack it by organizing. We see our task in developing alternatives and fighting for the spaces necessary for them. We see our task in being there when it matters.

We are not here because we have all the right answers. We are here because we ask the right questions. Questioning we stride ahead.

In this sense: Let's stride together!