Our speeches on the revolutionary mayday march

Who speaks about racism and flight, cannot keep silent about capitalism.

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Our position is clear: Everybody has the right to go whereever he or she wants and the right to stay there. We have to fight for that – with any means necessary.

We do not ask, neither economy nor politics. Because it is the system, that decides who is useful and so allowed to come. It is not this nation, that controls who is allowed to stay, due to the so called asylum laws. This system and this nation are wrong. This system and this nation have to be smashed.

Fleeing due to wars, violence and inhuman situations is not a crime.

US and EU and especially Germany are not victims of thousand of refugees, but they are the main cause for it. So called first world is pushing a world order with their economical interests in war. But while only war, destruction and prosecution are accepted reasons for flight, hunger and poverty are not.

Politicians are talking bullshit such as these people are only fleeing because they want to exploit Germany. And later they wonder, when racists like Pegida do demonstrations. They say they are not like them, but they make pegida demands become laws, like cutting the right to seek asylum.

Poverty is not a natural disaster. Poverty is the result of this capitalist system. Crisis is not a stroke of fate. Crisis is, when people have no work next to factories and people die of hunger, next to food. This crisis is a result of capitalism. Because it is not about about fullfilling peoles needs, but making more and more profit. Because in capitalism it is not the economy working for people, but people serving the economy.

This is why we support refugees right to flee. That is why we want to prevent the restriction in asylum law on May, 8th. We will seek with those, who want to organise and fight, to build a new society. We fight for a society where people are not exploited but are free. A society where everyone can decide where to go and where to live.

We fight for another world.



We take the social centre.

On May, 1st people demonstrate for over 100 years against exploitation and suppression. Here in Berlin we have a tradition beyond beer, sausages and boredom. This city’s beat is here today, the revolutionary Mayday demonstration.

We as radical lefts come together beneath all differences – with rage on exploitation, war and crisis. We are standing side by side with our friends and comrades in Istanbul, Athens, Cairo for another, for a better world.

The neighbourhoods we are living have changed. It is getting expensive. Too expensive for us and so many others, who were forced to leave Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln. Free spaces are lost, neighbourhoods are broken apart. There are luxury apartments, Carlofts, expensive restaurants. Cops secure the streets for the rich. You have to go, if you don´t fit.

Those who are making money with our flats decide what the city looks like together with their politicians no matter if they are green or black or whatever. If you are not rich, you are not allowed to live in Mitte or Kreuzberg. They tell the people, who lived there for decades, to move somewhere else.

Noone can afford the rents. Our income is low. Many have no job at all. Who can´t pay, is going to be evicted or doesn´t even find any flat. For capitalism we or our needs are not important. What is important is making more and more money.

There is a long resistance against gentrification and eviction. Demonstrations like today or yesterday in Wedding are about it. The initiative »Zwangsräumung verhindern« tries to give practical help, where people are tried to get evicted with force. Others choose direct action against luxury houses or the offices of these in charge. The resistance is various, but is has to grow, to show results.

We wanna go one step further. To go there we can have a look in other countries. We can learn a lot from these movements. In Athens, Madrid, Istanbul – the struggle for the city has always been part of the fight.

People started to take back public places, they discuss in the neighborhoods. They build their own structure, with cooperatives and various forms of help.

We need a concept of countervailing power to get from defense to offence again. We need an infrastructure to fight against the existing oppression. It is time to take back. So lets start today, here in Berlin. Let’s take a social centre, to build it altogether.
We need a place to meet, to discuss, to work, to laugh, to celebrate – and very important: to fight. We wanna show direct solidarity, connect with and support each other.

We will not ask and beg for that, but take it. There are so many empty houses. The revolutionary May demonstration is the ideal place to start our wishes and hopes to become true.

Lets take back the city. Lets start making our dreams and ideas come true!


We are everywhere.

Joint speech by Hände weg vom Wedding, the class-war block, and the radical left Berlin.

Welcome to our revolutionary march on the first of May

On the first of May, the international worker's day, people worldwide are marching against exploitation and oppression. In Berlin too, there is a rebellious tradition beyond hotdogs, beer, and the so-called „social compromise“. Whether it's in Wedding, during Walpurgisnacht, in the class-war block at the union's demonstration, or at the revolutionary May Day demonstration: We are everywhere – self-organized, showing solidarity, and anticapitalist.

As the radical left, on the first of may we voice our common goals on the streets – in all our diversity, yet with the knowledge that we'll only reach these goals through joint action.

We support the resistance in our cities and in our work places. We show solidarity with self-organized struggles against precarization, deprivation of rights and exploitation.

The first of may is our day to express our anger against capitalism, wars and the so-called „crisis“ on the streets. It's also the day, on which we march together with our comrades in Istanbul, in Rojava, and in Athens. We are united by the common dream of a different, a better world.

In their own way, everybody is a part of shaping Berlin as we experience it. The city and our neighbourhoods are changing though – and rarely for the better. There are problems a-plenty, amongst others the fact, that a handful of people are making a nice profit from our living spaces and the city itself. Rents are rising, our wallets are empty. Whoever can no longer afford their flat is forced to relocate, or is forcibly removed.

Those who strive to fight the situation need to organize – with their friends, their neighbors and their colleagues. Resistance needs a physical space in order to bring us together and to establish a „counter-power“. We need a social center, where we can debate, work, party, and fight – a space for the people.

We won't receive any gifts. Together though, and in solidarity, we can shake the foundations of the current state of things.

To cut things short: let us all wish for a revolutionary first of may!

We'll take back the city – and take back what belongs to us anyway.