Internationalism is not a crime

Solidarity with Paolo, Eddi, Jak, Davide and Jacopo

On January 3 the political police in Turin notified a request of "special surveillance" for five italian comrades who had been active in the internationalist movement and the Revolution in Northern Syria. Paolo, Eddi, Jak, Davide and Jacopo had been active in the prdominantly kurdish North of Syria in various way participating in the development of a democratic society and defending these achievments agains islamist terror militias and the inveding turkish army.

The italian state now argues those five comrades are “socially dangerous” and attempts to punish them with a “special surveillance” law that dates back to fascist legislation. The punishment – if decided in a hearing on January 23th – includes a long list of restrictions for the five comrades. They will be banned from leaving the place they are confined to; they will have to report to the authorities regularly, are not allowed to participate in any political assembly and are excluded even from normal social life.

Obviously this punishment aims at destroying the political activism of Paolo, Eddi, Jak, Davide and Jacopo within italy. All of them have been active in various social struggles, including the popular No-Tav-Movement.

Given their political biography the accusations of the italian state are simply ridiculous. The development of a society in Northern Syria based on the principles of grassroots democracy, gender equality, ecology and economic cooperatives is not socially dangerous. And fighting for the rights of the people in italy is neither. If anyone is a danger to society it is the italian state and its corrupted authorities – as well as all the states attacking the Democratic confederation of Northern Syria.

We send revolutionary greetings to our comrades!
Internationalism and revolutionary solidarity are not a crime!
An Serkeftin an Serkeftin!

Berlin, 22th of January 2019, Resistance Comittee Berlin

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